Harvest Thyme's NC Food Co-Op

The team at NC Food Coop
are focused on delivering quality foods that are locally grown, pesticide and hormone free, and meet our high standards of quality. Many of our more commonly grown produce items are grown at our homes or on experimental, sustainable farmsites. Supplying our own products provides the availability to control the way items are planted, grown, and harvested to ensure no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used.  This is our “Home Grown” method, ensuring you get food that taste like it should.
At NC Food Coop
we make every effort to distribute our services in the most energy efficient way possible. Keefuel is where used fryer oil from local restaurants is refined. Waste oil can be transformed into a clean burning petroleum alternative. Currently the facility produces approximately 100 gallons of B100 a week.


Our team takes pride
in recycling, donating to food banks and worthy causes, and choosing trade free, eco-friendly goods when ever possible. NC Harvest Thyme Food Co-Op is choosing to partner with like minded companies who strive to keep sustainability a part of their mission.