About Us: Harvest Thyme

Education in sustainable living, agricultural experiments(such as aquaponics, potatoes in tires,verma composting, greywater systems and garden planning) along with biofuel production became main focal points for them over the past few yrs. is has nonity growth, not just providing food, but helping individuals commited to their community developed into Harvest Thyme which is a team of individuals.

Our History
In 2008 they created Raleigh Food co-op which was more of a buying group from regional farms in the area. This has developed into two parts:
  1. Harvest Thyme which is a team of indivividuals, not just providing food for others, but helping ones in their community developed into real skills in gardening and growth.
  2. NC Food Coop, which is the food grown by Charles and Tarah personally by organic means, so this year NC FOOD COOP is being sponsored by the organic gardens at Highland Lake Inn in Flat Rock, NC.
Tarah Singh
Art lessons
Interior/exterior space planning

Charles Keefer
Bio fuel
Garden planning

Jennifer Kelting
Children's Programs

Harvest Thyme

Harvest Thyme
is a company interested in community and growth. We are commited to helping you go the the freshest local foods on the table to your family, even it that means helping you plan your own gardens.