NC Food Co-Op is Organic

It's completely official, we are planting at Highland Lake's organic gardens. The land is designated "organic" so rest assured we are using proper practice to maintain this status.
What is Organic?
There is a lot of debate over this simple word.....ORGANIC, yet its meaning is unclear to many. The one we use is this: organic farming is to achieve optimum quantities of produce and food of high nutritional quality without the use of artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. It does not use genetically modified foods, growth promoters or hormones.  Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Organic farming emphasises the need to maintain appropriate land management and aims to ecologically achieve the balance between animal life, the natural environment and food crops. Organic farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides.  The produce that is produced through organic farming is thus at its most natural form.


Our team take pride

Everything we grow follows these guidelines and we strive to partner with farmers that are also practicing these methods.

Our boxes are moving toward having toataly organic product with each farmer we add to our group.